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11/01/17 I am researching a right-of-way encroachment issue between Scripps Townhomes and Caltrans along I... City Clerk Tina Davis
11/21/17 Incident report involving Jason Gallegos (DOB 2/24/1990) from late September or October, 2017. Pl... Public Records Administration ; Police Angela Laurita
11/21/17 Good morning,  I would like to request the following records from the San Diego Police Departmen... Public Records Administration ; Police Angela Laurita
11/21/17 I am requesting any documentation regarding the arrest of Lee Christopher Sanudo on January of 20... Police Angela Laurita
11/20/17  Requesting information on who made this request: Request ID: 17-3386 Request Date: November 16... Police; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 The TOT paid actives property list has three basic property categories: 1) Hotel, 2) Vacation, an... City Treasurer Angela Laurita
11/20/17 A list of all buildings/locations that require fire inspections between the dates of 1/1/14 to pr... Public Records Administration ; Fire-Rescue Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 I need the plot map of Princess St. at the 7957 Princess St. location. We have a vertical easemen... Transportation & Storm Water; Development Services Angela Laurita
11/20/17 I would like to make a FOIA request for the contract / proposal by Connected Bits LLC for the Get... Performance & Analytics Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 May i please request the latest signal timing plans for the following intersection: North Torr... Transportation & Storm Water Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 City of San Diego Fiscal Year 2016 Adopted Budget. Also, City of San Diego Fiscal Year 2017 Adopt... Financial Management Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 I would like the entire 706 pages of the City of San Diego Fiscal Year 2016 proposed budget. Financial Management Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 This is my third request. I've been told the first request lacked sufficient detail and the secon... Public Records Administration ; Transportation & Storm Water Jacqueline Palmer
11/20/17 Request for transcript or audio from 911 response call in reference to vehicle code section 20002... Police Angela Laurita
11/20/17 Hi, I would like to request signal timing sheets for the following intersections:1. Linda Vista R... Transportation & Storm Water Jacqueline Palmer
11/19/17 I would like to request the traffic signal timing data for "C" Street at Fourth Ave., Chula Vista... Transportation & Storm Water Jacqueline Palmer
11/19/17 CAD records of any 911 calls for service involving incidents at 5661 Mill Peak Rd, San Diego, CA ... Police Angela Laurita
11/18/17 Petco- 1210 W Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92110Pacific Sales - 920 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/17/17 Please provide all the updated (10/5/2017 and after) code compliance records (documents, photos, ... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/17/17 All documents in the Code Enforcement records for 4175 Porte de Merano, Unit #163, San Diego, CA ... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/17/17 Pursuant to the state open records law, Cal. Gov't Code Secs. 6250 to 6277, I write to request ac... Personnel Yajaira Gharst
11/17/17 Respectfully request all citations for Kyani Cruz. I’m here legal guardian. Most recent Citation:... Police Angela Laurita
11/17/17 Last will and testament for:Margo Bonventre4859 Benton Way, La Mesa California 91941 Jacqueline Palmer
11/17/17 Police Chief Shelli Zimmerman statement of economic interest form 700 for past 3 years City Clerk Tina Davis
11/17/17 My my name is Katherine Morrison , but I my former name was Katherine Thomas.  I had a mistermene... Police Angela Laurita
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