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03/08/17 To: City Clerk Elizabeth Maland        City Attorney Mara Elliott Re: secret Defense Agreement ... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
02/01/17 I am trying to find all of the civil actions taken by the city attorney against illegal dispensar... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
01/05/17 All emails and any other communications, including meeting logs and notes, between Jan Goldsmith,... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
02/14/17 Request for Documents Evidencing Rates Paid to Independent Counsel Representing the City of San D... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
02/20/17 Copies of any claims or lawsuits filed against the City of San Diego regarding water quality and/... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
02/27/17 Pursuant to the California Public Records Act, I would like to request the following documents: ... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/01/17 All records relating to the City Attorney's recent investigation of San Diego restaurant surcharg... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/01/17 Records related to the contiguous or non-continuous expansion of SDCC, Fifth Avenue Landing, LLC,... City Attorney; Mayor Lea Fields-Bernard
12/05/16 Records related to Civic San Diego Operating Agreement (see attached). City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/13/17 I request access to all records involving David Alvarez and/or Chris Ward concerning the commenta... City Attorney; City Council District 3; City Council District 8 Lisa Schmidt
03/14/17 Record of all prostitution-related charges made from January 2012 to present. (See attached.) City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/16/17 I am looking to obtain a copy of all Settlement Agreements where the City of San Diego was a defe... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
04/03/17 All correspondence, including, but not limited to, emails, letters, facsimiles, and memoranda, ... City Attorney; City Council District 1; City Council District 2; City Council District 3; City Council District 4; City Council District 5; City Council District 6; City Council District 7; City Council District 8; City Council District 9; Mayor; Police Lea Fields-Bernard
04/04/17 Under the California Public Records Act GC § 6250 et seq., please provide the following for the t... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
04/27/17 JOHN STUMP 2411 Shamrock Street City Heights, California 92105 619-281-4663 mrjohnstump@cox.ne... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
05/30/17  To whom it may concern, On behalf of the USA TODAY NETWORK and under state Public Records Law, ... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
05/30/17 Records related to "secret defense agreement" (see attached). City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
05/24/17 Requesting copies of emails presented to the Court by Deputy City Attorney Natasha Robertson in c... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
06/18/17 1a) Since October 1, 2015, each and every communication (including but not limited to e-mail) tha... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
06/19/17 I am looking for data on marijuana-related charges filed for the past five years (2012 to present... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
06/27/17 Hello,Please consider this message as a request under the California Public Records Request for t... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
06/28/17 I am requesting a copy of the expert report that was written for the City of San Diego by the Ter... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
07/01/17 1) Each and every invoice, statement, billing, or other request submitted by the law firm known a... City Attorney; City Comptroller; Risk Management Jacqueline Palmer
06/26/17 Copy of the June 15, 2017, confidential memo regarding the San Diego River Park and Soccer City I... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/07/17 I would like a copy of the Settlement Agreements and payments made regarding the following matter... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
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