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02/28/18 Could you please provide the amount paid by SeaWorld to the City of San Diego for the January 201... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
02/26/18 Seeking: annual revenue generated from the De Anza RV Park for the past 3 years (2015, 2016 and 2... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
02/27/18 A copy of all arrest reports, officer narratives, videography, booking or intake photography, cal... Police Angela Laurita
02/23/18 Please provide me with a hard copy wet signature of city’s investigation of my complaint, and cit... Park & Recreation Angela Laurita
02/27/18 Requesting  copies of San Diego Police Department, in effect policies, memorandums between 01/01/... Police Angela Laurita
02/27/18 "Operation Crankcase" June 1988 through March 1989 Police Angela Laurita
02/27/18 I am seeking the Will and/or Estate File of a person who died in San Diego, CA; Howe C. Stidger w... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
02/27/18 i am going to court on March 12, 2018 and I need the records regarding the property at 6415 dissi... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
02/27/18 Ryan Michael Malone,  DUI arrest march of 2015 I need narrative police report and blood alcohol c... Police Angela Laurita
02/27/18 A copy of the public works payment bond on a contract between the City of San Diego and Blue Paci... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
02/27/18 Arrest report for suspect Franza, Paul Joseph, DOB 2/16/1962. Booking #17181589 (12/23/2017) Police Angela Laurita
02/27/18 Please provide our firm with copies of all the original good faith documentation submitted for th... Equal Opportunity Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
02/27/18 Greetings, Upon learning that I had failed a background check for a law enforcement position I'v... Police Angela Laurita
02/27/18 To Whom It May Concern:   I would like to request copies of the following records for the undev... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
02/27/18 Hi - I'd like to request a copy of the January Sea World lease payment when it becomes available ... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
02/26/18 On behalf of my publisher, I am requesting the arrest reports for February 24, 2018 through Febru... Public Records Administration ; Police Jacqueline Palmer
02/26/18 copies of all building permits issued to Perennial Engineering & Construction Inc. Development Services Angela Laurita
02/26/18 copies of all building permits issued to DM Construction Services Development Services Angela Laurita
02/26/18 copies of all building permits issued to Empire Works Development Services Angela Laurita
02/26/18 Hello, I'm requesting a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy for 4635 Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA ... Development Services Angela Laurita
02/26/18 San Diego Municipal Code Zone M-1B Copy of the chapters for Zoning Use and Industrial Base Zones... City Clerk Tina Davis
02/26/18 I can find Council Policy 600-24, but I cannot find the Admin Guidelines to that CP. Can someone ... City Clerk Tina Davis
02/26/18 Request for certified copy of (Arrestee's) copy of 48 hour judicial determination of probable cau... Police Angela Laurita
02/23/18 Document requests relating to the existing House of Hospitality agreement with Balboa Park Centra... Park & Recreation Angela Laurita
02/22/18 I am attempting to located Hortons Addition Deed Book (or Book of Deeds) Number 13. I have found ... City Clerk Tina Davis
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