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05/12/16 I am requesting a copy of the contract (including pricing, terms, and conditions) that the City c... Purchasing & Contracting Stacy Roberts-Gilhooly
05/12/16 Lease payment made to the City of San Diego by SeaWorld, LLC for the month of March 2016. Real Estate Assets Lori Hernandez
05/11/16 Numbers on usage frequency and intensity at Qualcomm stadium for the past 5 years and I was wonde... Real Estate Assets Lori Hernandez
05/11/16 I would like to request a complete list of all civil forfeiture assets seized by the San Diego Po... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
05/11/16 In preparation for a Phase I ESA, we are researching the following addresses: 3845 ½ University ... Fire-Rescue Amanda Alvarado
05/11/16 Requesting a list of prime contractors on the project under Shimmick Construction (K-16-1311-DBB-3). Public Works Sheryl Cyprian
05/11/16 Please allow me access to and copies of reports that the city's contractor writes up each quarter... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
05/11/16   I am requesting seatbelt violations that have been issued by the San Diego Police Department f... Police Humberto Hernandez
05/10/16 1.  Please provide a list, including full name and assignment, of every past and current attorney... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
05/10/16 I am requesting all information regarding the condition, maintenance, and repairs of the sidewalk... Transportation & Storm Water Donna Trask
05/10/16 The CCC is requesting documents related to contract #K-15-1302-DBB-3, specifically we are seeking... Cheryl Smoot
05/10/16 Revenue reports from last 3 years (3/2013 - 4/2016) for Campland by the Bay and Mission Bay RV Re... Real Estate Assets Lori Hernandez
05/10/16 I am requesting copies of any and all information regarding the report that was conducted on 3601... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
05/10/16 Request copy of CUP 10-315-2 mining and reclamation plan   Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
05/09/16 Property Records and Characteristics. In need of most recent data (as of May 9, 2016) and dating ... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
05/09/16 Dear officer, I had a car accident on at the intersection of Miralani Dr and Camino Ruiz, 92126,... Transportation & Storm Water Julio Fuentes
05/09/16 Traffic signal timing schedule in effect on May 8th, 2012, for the intersection of Carmel Mountai... Transportation & Storm Water Rosemary McCartney
05/09/16 Records related to Comic-Con 2015 (see attached). Special Events & Filming Carolyn Wormser
05/09/16 Related to appeals of police discipline imposed by San Diego Police Chief Zimmerman, where were h... Personnel Yajaira Gharst
05/09/16 would like to receive monthly FY 2016 statistics regarding the Mission Bay Park Lease Revenue Acc... Real Estate Assets Lori Hernandez
05/08/16 Regarding 3845 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105 (APN: 447-482-30-00) Any information from ... Fire-Rescue Amanda Alvarado
05/08/16 Approvals, Resolutions, Ordinances, Staff Reports, and Environmental File for the development pro... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
05/07/16 All documents including but not limited to all plans, reports, minutes of meetings, emails and in... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
05/07/16 Can I please get the San Diego SeaWorld lease payments for March 2016 Real Estate Assets Lori Hernandez
05/07/16 Good morning - I would like to request any transcript or recording of the Commission for Arts and... Commission for Arts and Culture Whitney Roux