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11/29/17 We are trying to determine if our property is located within the current Transit overlay zone or ... Development Services; City Clerk Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Please send me the name of the firm that the following project was awarded to, if a decision has ... Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
11/28/17 Rehabilitation of Anthracite Media Beds (10088277-18-V) Biddate: 11/27/17 Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
11/28/17 November 28, 2017  VIA EMAIL AND U.S. MAIL Angela LauritaPublic Records Administration Coordina... Qualcomm Stadium Angela Laurita
11/28/17 angela, i don't want the individual addresses of the folks who paid the tot. all i want is the to... City Treasurer Angela Laurita
11/28/17 I need to obtain a copy of the building specification plans for a HOA client of my firm.  Is ther... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/28/17 Hello--I would like to request the dollar amount of the payment made by SeaWorld for the month of... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/28/17 Hi, can you please send the SeaWorld October lease payment information when it becomes available?... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/28/17 For each year over the period 2001-2016, a race and ethnicity breakdown of all full-time sworn Sa... Police; Personnel Angela Laurita
11/28/17 Address: 3845 & 3851 Chamboune Ave                San Diego, CA 92115 1. Knowledge of any O... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/28/17 My daughter drowned in the ocean on January 21st this year and I am here requesting a report of t... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
11/28/17 The memo in the link below references an “unpublished memorandum of law” dated 11/23/1999. It is ... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/27/17 Hello,I would like to request the certificate of liability insurance for your contractor, Rentex ... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/27/17 Requesting a copy of two speed studies for traffic and speeding cars on my street. It was done on... Transportation & Storm Water Jacqueline Palmer
11/27/17 Regarding Combination Building Permit Approval 1561836, request records from September 29, 2017 t... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/27/17 Dear custodian of records:   Pursuant to my rights under the California Public Records Act, as ... Public Records Administration ; Police Jacqueline Palmer
11/27/17 Please provide the name of the General Contractor, Subcontractors List, Estimated Start & Com... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
11/27/17 The locations of all cameras, microphones, and sensors that are installed within the city of San ... Environmental Services Angela Laurita
11/27/17 This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property located at the f... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
11/27/17 EMG is an engineering firm currently conducting a property condition survey of the following prop... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
11/26/17 Please provide Sept 2017 and Oct 2017 SeaWorld monthly rent payments.  Thank you. Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/25/17 New 2017 Canyonside Stables lease agreement and all other documents pertaining to city requiremen... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/24/17 Kevin Thomas chilson 3/31/17 any and all info regarding the incident that occurred on above date ... Police Angela Laurita
11/24/17 Emails or documents of updated San Diego Unified School Police-SDPD MOU which expired July 2016. ... Public Records Administration ; Police Angela Laurita
11/24/17 I would like to request the Lifeguard Weekly Activity Reports posted by department email or other... Public Records Administration ; Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
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