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06/25/18 I am looking for a speed survey for eastbound 3100 block of Ocean View Boulevard at South 32nd St... Transportation & Storm Water Ginger Rodriguez
06/25/18 Any and all records (911 emergency calls, audio files, fire incident reports, police visits) rela... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
06/25/18 I would like to request the date Monica Montgomery began working for the city of San Diego and th... City Council District 4; Personnel Yajaira Gharst
06/25/18 Partner Engineering is requesting the fire department records for the Karlan Hotel at 14455 Penas... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
06/26/18 All INCIDENT (NO Accident) reports containing the name JEFFREY R. GALLOWAY, DOB: 01/03/1972 fro... Police Angela Laurita
06/26/18 RE: Project 511293, 3328/3340 Harbor View Drive, San Diego 92106 and Mark Peeling Land developme... Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
06/26/18 RE: Project 511293, 3328/3340 Harbor View Drive, San Diego 92106 and Mark Peeling Land developme... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
06/26/18 Any and all tow service agreements, tow contracts, rotation tow listing applications, rotation to... Police; Purchasing & Contracting Angela Laurita
06/26/18 I am requesting a copy of the winning proposal for the RFP for Arbitrage Calculation & Tax Co... Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
06/26/18 Please provide us with a copy of the Development Agreement entered into by and between Carmel Mou... City Clerk Tina Davis
06/25/18 This is Cameron Slovic, a researcher from Stanford University. I am collecting a record of which ... City Clerk Tina Davis
06/26/18 Hello, I am working on behalf of San Diego Gas & Electric to obtain a copy of any ROW or util... Development Services Angela Laurita
06/22/18  On June 3 we went to ocean beach and took our dog. Right in front of us there was a girl with he... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
06/26/18 All complaints filed with the Development Services Department Code Enforcement Division, includin... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
06/26/18 welfare check, event # 617120032811 or e 17120032811 Police Angela Laurita
06/26/18 Project:  ITEM: Vibration Analysis of Rotating Equipment                SAN DIEGO* CA 92101     ... Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
06/26/18 I need a copy of the Police report for theft out of my car on June 8/9, 2018 from Thomas Kenemore... Police Angela Laurita
06/26/18 Dear Sir Or Madam: San Diego Fire Department
EMG Project Number: 132610.18R000-009.135      ...
Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
06/26/18 We are refinancing two industrial buildings located at 8500 Kerns Street and 2600 Melksee Street.... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
06/26/18 Project: ITEM: Sewer Pump Station & SPS 76 Generator /  Contract#: K181433DBB3 (Please see a... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
06/26/18 I am requesting a copy of the Event Number E18020024050 for a motor vehicle incident that took pl... Police Angela Laurita
06/26/18 Project: Civita Central Park Phases 2 & 3 (RE_BID)               Via Alta Place SAN DIEGO* C... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
06/26/18 Requesting an Exhibit A (as referenced in Deed Book 598 pg 55) and made part if certain instrumen... City Clerk Tina Davis
06/26/18 All records consisting of or relating to communications (via email or otherwise) between Mr. Davi... Development Services Angela Laurita
06/13/18 I note that the Tuesday, June 19, 2018, City Council hearing will include Item #60 which describe... City Clerk Tina Davis