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10/08/18 I am requesting a copy of the FY 2019 Agreement for the Safe Parking Program.  Economic Development Ginger Rodriguez
10/08/18 Requesting E.Q.D. #73-10-1033P (see attached) City Clerk Tina Davis
10/07/18 Could you please provide SD Police calls for services for July ,August and September 2018 for Mo... Police Angela Laurita
10/06/18 CEQA review for Affirmed Housing and Ito Girard Housing Development Hilltop Drive in Encanto Planning Commission Angela Laurita
10/05/18 I am requesting a copy of report #84424. an investigation done by San Diego Animal Control and Of... Animal Services Ginger Rodriguez
10/05/18 I respectfully request the following documents be provided relative to the As-Needed Municipal St... Public Works Ginger Rodriguez
10/05/18 This is a request for documents from the Miramar Landfill: Any and all records submitted by or ... Environmental Services Angela Laurita
10/05/18 On behalf of my publisher, I am requesting the arrest reports for October 4, 2018 through October... Police Angela Laurita
10/04/18 Reference: 30th Street Pipeline, K-18-1517-DBB-3-A We are requesting a copy of approved January,... Public Works Ginger Rodriguez
10/04/18 Reference: Water Group 939, City of San Diego, K-18-1528-DBB-3, WBS# B-11035 We are requesting a... Public Works Ginger Rodriguez
10/04/18 Please provide the total numbers of hit and runs (whether a vehicle hit another vehicle, bicyclis... Police Angela Laurita
10/04/18 We are doing an environmental site assessment on the property located at: 8888, 8890 & 8892 B... Development Services Angela Laurita
10/04/18 We are doing an environmental site assessment on the property located at: 5330 Carroll Canyon Rd,... Development Services Angela Laurita
10/04/18 We are doing an environmental site assessment on the property located at: 329 Pennsylvania Ave, S... Development Services Angela Laurita
10/04/18 Any and all police reports for accident occurring on or about January 31, 2017, and vehicles with... Police Angela Laurita
10/04/18 May I have copies of Certificates of Occupancy issued Final approved site plan (Site Data Box) ... Development Services Angela Laurita
10/04/18 May I have Copies of:   Certificates of Occupancy on file Final Approved Site Plans, (Site Dat... Development Services Angela Laurita
10/04/18 San Diego Police Department 10/4/2018 This is a request for copies of public records under the ... Police; Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
10/04/18 We are requesting digital files (any digital format or CD if necessary) of the entire set of the ... Development Services Angela Laurita
10/04/18 We represent Jesse Kolp in a dog bite incident that occurred June 9, 2018 at or near 2919 Jarvis ... Animal Services Ginger Rodriguez
10/04/18 The SDPD is collecting data on incidents involving motorized scooters. What categories of data ha... Police Angela Laurita
10/04/18 Subject: Map No. C-900 on file in the office of the City Clerk as Document No. OO-18911-2
City Clerk Tina Davis
10/03/18 To Whom it May Concern: Please be advised that this office has been retained by Ms. Viola Farmer... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
10/03/18 Matrix Environmental Inc. is requesting the Payment History for the  following Vendor  General... Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
10/03/18 A wooden fence caught on fire and damaged cables. The date would have been on 6/22/2018 near 620 ... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
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