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12/01/17 Project - Chollas Creek Water Quality and Habitat Enhancement  Project # - 59312 I am trying to... Development Services Angela Laurita
12/01/17 I am seeking traffic pedestrian accident information on Midway in Pt. Loma area. Accidents from 2... Police Angela Laurita
12/01/17 Can you please send me the October 2017 Sea World revenue report? Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/01/17 I just need Doug Arnold’s report for his most recent inspection of 638-640 22nd St San Diego CA 9... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
12/01/17 We are requesting the following records from your office for the South Crest Trails Park Alterati... Equal Opportunity Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
11/30/17 Request copy of San Diego Lawn Bowling Club Balboa Park site lease agreement Park & Recreation Angela Laurita
11/30/17 Event Number 64089 Date 10/31/17 Police Angela Laurita
11/30/17 Sirs, I made a request and I did get a reply with the following info: City of San Diego public ... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/30/17 How many citations were issued by the San Diego police department in 2015, 2016, and 2017, for vi... Police Angela Laurita
11/30/17 I would like the recordings of 911 calls surrounding a car accident that took place on 7/6/17 at ... Police Angela Laurita
11/30/17 i don't know what you mean by providing a list of certificates. City Treasurer Angela Laurita
11/30/17 We are seeking the proposals of the successful offerors for the Multiple Award Design-Build Contr... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
11/30/17 Hello  -- I'd like to request the amount of rental payment from Seaworld to the City of San Diego... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Request copy of the Civil Penalty Notice and Order issued to the responsible persons of 4441 Bert... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/29/17 I would like , 911 phone call made on March 15-2016 at Approximately 10:47 pm, from phone number ... Police Angela Laurita
11/29/17 I would like all the information pertaining to a 911 call ,made on March-15-2016, Call was made a... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/29/17 Please provide copies of certificates of occupancy issued since October 2014 for the property loc... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Please provide copies of certificates of occupancy issued since October 2014 for the property loc... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/29/17 I would like a copy of a 911 call made on March- 15- 2016, at approximately 10:47 pm . phone numb... Fire-Rescue; Police Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Any building code violations, fire code violations/incidents, zoning violations, copies of open b... Code Enforcement; Development Services Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Regarding 6748 Camino Maquiladora: The building code edition and date in force at the time of ... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Seaworld's October 2017 lease payment to the city of San Diego Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/29/17 Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect... Personnel Yajaira Gharst
11/29/17 Hi - I'd like to request a copy of the October Sea World lease payment when it becomes available ... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/29/17 I would like to formally request the business names, owner names, and contact information (to inc... Development Services Angela Laurita
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