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04/21/17 How many cliff rescues were performed in the Torrey Pines Gliderport/Black's Beach area yearly, s... Fire-Rescue; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
05/01/17 Good afternoon, I would like to follow-up and request the following records, based off of AMR's ... Fire-Rescue; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
04/03/17   Dispatch "call for service" records to the San Ysidro border crossing (San Ysidro Port of Entr... Fire-Rescue; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
04/18/17 We would like to request the following information for all vehicle accidents involving a Rural/Me... Fire-Rescue; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
04/18/17 I would like to request data on emergency calls to local beaches responding to victims reporting ... Fire-Rescue; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
03/31/17 Total number of mountain rescues performed by first responders broken down from 2013 to present b... Fire-Rescue; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
03/30/17 I'm requesting all records,(audio transcript , incident report,),pertaining to a 911 call made on... Fire-Rescue; Police Lea Fields-Bernard
04/17/17 I am seeking any police and/or fire department reports of a vehicle fire at the property located ... Fire-Rescue; Police Lea Fields-Bernard
03/28/17 I would like to see documents that show how much the City receives from SDSU for football games p... Fire-Rescue; Police Lea Fields-Bernard
04/11/17 Please provide all documentation and reports for calls for police, medical and fire services at 2... Fire-Rescue; Police Lea Fields-Bernard
04/06/17 At approximate 03:35 AM on March 28, 2017, my wife and I were in deep sleep on our 51 foot boat n... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
04/13/17 San Diego State University is seeking a copy of the current contract for (American Medical Respon... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
04/14/17 This request relates to the following incident: On March 24, 2017, at approximately 3:30 p.m., a ... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
04/14/17 1) All computer-aided dispatch reports for each and every coastal cliff rescue call to any City o... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/19/17 Please include any records associated with environmental incidents associated with the area start... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
05/03/17 4600002559, Fire Alarm Inspections 2016
RFQ 10023401-12-Q
Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
03/15/17 Any records of fire code violations for each of the following properties: 8909, 8949, 8969 Kenem... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
03/16/17 I am conducting due diligence efforts with respect to code compliance and enforcement, under the ... Code Enforcement; Development Services; Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
03/27/17 Genesee Park, 5550 Genesee Court East San Diego, California 92111 We have been hired to perform ... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
03/28/17 This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property located at the f... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
03/30/17 I am requesting a copy of the most recent "Plan to Cure" document provided to the city by America... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
03/15/17 Any records of storage tanks or HAZMAT incidents at the following addresses 8909, 8949, 8969 Ken... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
04/24/17 4127 Idaho Street:  As part of bank due diligence for financing purposes, I am writing to ask if ... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
04/24/17 I am requesting a copy of the "Plan to Cure" letter provided to the city by American Medical ... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard
04/27/17 I hereby request the following records: A list of all incidents of fires in San Diego from Janua... Fire-Rescue Lea Fields-Bernard