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06/10/16 Please provide the name of the awarded General Contractor, Sub-contractors list, Estimated Start ... Public Works Al Rechany
06/10/16 All documentation and correspondence related to the following: Hearing officer resolution no. HO... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
06/10/16 I am requesting a copy of the certificate(s) of occupancy for 3029 Univerity Ave.  If there are ... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
06/10/16 Pursuant to my rights under the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250 et se... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
06/09/16 Any and all reports or statements, including final disposition records, in San Diego Police Depar... Police Dede Owens
06/09/16 All records related to the Single Fin beach event held on April 30, 2016. Special Events & Filming Carolyn Wormser
06/09/16 I would like to request the entire file of the complaint that I am running a business out of my h... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
06/09/16 In accordance with the California Public Records Act, I am writing to request copies of all recor... Economic Development Lea Fields-Bernard
06/09/16 Seeking all payroll reports and a copy of the notice of completion for Just Construction, Inc. co... Equal Opportunity Contracting Toni Thompson
06/09/16 On July 9,2016 a city code inspector came out to inpect my apartment for violations Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
06/09/16 Good afternoon, Pursuant to the California Public Records Act and relevant statutues, I'm reques... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
06/09/16 We are seeking all payroll reports and a copy of the fringe benefit statement from subcontractor,... Equal Opportunity Contracting Erin Lea-Endrelunas
06/09/16 I’d like to request copies of the parking management agreements for the following City garages pl... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
06/09/16 Please provide me with all grafitti clean-up requests from 2015 from Ocean Beach, Ca 92107 Transportation & Storm Water Donna Trask
06/08/16 How many calls in the past six months* have been put on hold for more than 5 minutes?  How many ... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
06/08/16 An electronic copy of any and all active employee salaries for 2015. We are looking for the same ... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
06/08/16 Records relating to Proect 380965 - APN: 760-216-97-00 Riverwalk Golf Club (see attached).  Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
06/08/16 Records relating to La Jolla Complex 3 in University Town area (see attached). Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
06/08/16 Records related to Project 294255/4930 Directors PL - APN 340-090-60-00 Sorrento Gateway (see att... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
06/08/16 I need a certified copy of the dissolution of my marriage. I need this because I will be applying... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
06/08/16 Entire file, including photos and any written materials, relating to "Notice of Pending Administr... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
06/08/16   Dear Records Custodian,   SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the City of... Purchasing & Contracting Melina Chavez
06/07/16 fire station use for rural metro crew agreement and cost Fire-Rescue Amanda Alvarado
06/07/16 Hello, I would like to request the agreement between the City of San Diego fire dept and RM/AMR f... Fire-Rescue Amanda Alvarado
06/07/16 Building permints and notes for 3140 Poe st San Diego CA  new build. Project #406476 looking for... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez