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11/03/17 Can you please send me the lease payment data from SeaWorld for September 2017? Real Estate Assets Jacqueline Palmer
11/03/17 I would like to request the dollar amount of the payment made by SeaWorld for the month of Septem... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/03/17 1) With regard to each organization with which the City has an OPERATING AGREEMENT, each and ever... Economic Development Jacqueline Palmer
11/03/17 Please provide the current engineer of record for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings f... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/03/17 Can you please send the lease payment data for September 2017 for SeaWorld? Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/03/17 HI - Can I see SeaWorld's lease payments to the city of San Diego for September 2017? Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/03/17 I want to request all records related to sewer odors and hydrogen sulfide gas for address 15198 A... Public Utilities Angela Laurita
11/03/17 Report for an accident at Avenida de la Cruz, San Ysidro, CA 92173.  Incident occurred Saturday 1... Police Angela Laurita
11/03/17 My Birth Certificate

Raymond Wesley Waldron, DOB: February 26, 1948

Parents: Weslie...
Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/03/17 All WRITINGS (as that term is defined in Cal. Evidence Code § 250) that refer or relate to any ... Police Angela Laurita
11/03/17  I am gathering costs of the Carlsbad desalination plant. I would like records of cost for the fo... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/03/17 landscape maintenance contract - carmel del mar park Acacia Landscape Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
11/04/17 Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/04/17 Hi - I'd like to request a copy of the September Sea World lease payment when it becomes availabl... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/04/17 Vanessa Jackson emails to any staff of San Diego Unified  regarding elections of San Diego Unifie... Jacqueline Palmer
11/04/17 Computer Aid Dispatch history for 2425 Dusk Drive San Diego 92139 of SDPD city police being calle... Police; Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
11/05/17 Under the Public Records Act, I formally request a current list of all vacant properties in San D... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/05/17 need police report on arrest for dwi summer of 1980 while in navy Police Angela Laurita
11/05/17 To Whom It May Concern: This is an email regarding how to go about obtaining particular data/sta... Police Angela Laurita
11/05/17 I need the audio recording of the calls that I made to 619.531.2000, SDPD Non-emergency line on O... Police Angela Laurita
11/06/17 To Whom It May Concern:   Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (California Government ... City Attorney; Risk Management Nancy Shapiro
11/06/17 When did the Forestry Dept. assess Carmel Del Mar Neighborhood Park? Please provide a writte... Parks & Recreation Angela Laurita
11/06/17 SeaWorld lease payment for September Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/06/17 Please send me the September 2017 SeaWorld lease payments and attendance data when available Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
11/06/17 I am requesting copies of any police reports, documents, 911 call logs for:

Jose M. Garcia...
Police Angela Laurita