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11/08/17 4433 Illinois street san diego, ca 92116 ;  We need Documentation to show Judge in Court Please... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/03/17 I’m seeking records of all prostitution-related charges made from January 1, 2007 to September 1,... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/08/17 To whom it may concern: This firm represents Defendants Genuine Parts Company (“GPC”) in the abo... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/08/17 Please send me a copy by mail or email of the specific contract for landscape maintenance between... Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
11/08/17 All records regarding suspected criminal activity at 4128 Texas Street, San Diego, California 921... Police Angela Laurita
11/08/17 Hello:   I"m Raphael Wilson-Ricks of 2185 Chatsworth Blvd Apt 12 Point Loma, CA 92107.  I would l... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Dear City of Sandiego Purchasing & Contracting Department.  Subject:-Public Records Request ... Purchasing & Contracting Jacqueline Palmer
11/09/17 Request copy of the original complaints and ALL backup documents to the City of San Diego that re... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Hello San Diego Police Department,  I would like to request a copy of a incident report that happ... Police Angela Laurita
11/09/17 City Clerk document 610489 (1960s) City Clerk Tina Davis
11/09/17 CPNO case #239382 date 11/8/2017 Pacific Garden Apartments 4043 Hamilton St 8 San Diego Ca 92104U... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Any and all public records that in any way tend to indicate whether the 2015 Refunding Bonds that... Debt Management Jacqueline Palmer
11/09/17 Please provide our office with a copy of Drawings No. 21218-1-D through 21218-3-D, which show the... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Hello,I would like to request the number of tickets given to people who violated rules about brin... Fire-Rescue; Police; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/09/17 code enforcement report case# 237147 case opened 06-02-17 case closed 07-17-17 Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Code enforcement report case #237147 case opened 06-02-17 case closed 07-17-17 Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 I am the citizen/tenant that filed the complaint and request any/all documentation for the open c... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 All payments from the Public Liability Fund No. 720045 including a description of what the paymen... Risk Management; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/09/17 Please provide the name of the awarded General Contractor, Subcontractors List, Estimated Start &... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
11/09/17 Does the City of San Diego require a permit for a tub to standing shower conversion in the bath... Development Services Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Requesting a copy of the case file for 640 22nd Street; CE# 239213. Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Request the plans, maps, and permits for the Dragon’s Den restaurant at 315 10th Avenue. Building... Code Enforcement; Development Services Angela Laurita
11/09/17 Is an electronic copy of the Soccer City's proposal available and if so, can you email me a copy?   City Clerk Tina Davis
11/09/17 We are writing on behalf  of California Unions for Reliable Energy ("CURE") to address the City o... Public Utilities; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/09/17 I asked the SDPD to provide how many drivers were ticketed on La Jolla Parkway last year in La Jo... Police; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer