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04/10/19 3805 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123 (4213331100) 1. A copy or record of any available ... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
04/10/19   Any and all Child Welfare Services records relating to an incident that occurred on Camp Pendl... Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Re: Citation and Accident History
Location: 500 feet in either direction on Chatsworth Boulev...
Police Angela Laurita
04/10/19 Dear Public Records Act Officer,   I am requesting a copy of all incidents, reports, or... Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Hello,   I am searching for a City Clerk Document No. 667863, as referenced within the attached... City Clerk Tina Davis
04/09/19 We are processing a Parcel Map in the City of San Diego. The City Surveyor is requiring us to ide... City Clerk Tina Davis
04/09/19 All Code Enforcement and City Violations observed, active and archived on the property of 3822- 3... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
04/09/19 Hello, Please consider this message as a request under the California Public Records Act for the... Police; Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
04/09/19 All documents, photos, notices, city-signed work authorization orders, scope of work approval by ... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Request call to 9800 Campus Point Drive 92121 on April 7 at 7:30 pm E19040011798 Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Any record of code violations, underground storage tanks or HAZMAT spills/responses for 11610 Ibe... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Any record of code violations, underground storage tanks or HAZMAT spills/responses for 5530 &... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Any record of code violations, underground storage tanks or HAZMAT spills/responses for 5510, 555... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/09/19 I'm requesting all citations issued on 9/7/2019 from the Harbor police. Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 I would like to request logs for adult arrests made between 4/2/2019 and 4/8/2019. Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Requesting any and all unredacted documentation, photos, reports, etc., regarding a dog bite that... Animal Services Lori Hernandez
04/09/19 We would like to request a copy of the winning submission for the “Branding and Marketing Strateg... Police; Purchasing & Contracting Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Please provide all criminal activity for 4130 Texas Street, San Diego, CA.  Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Event # E19040009007 Requesting individual of record of event Angel  L. Acosta Address 8257 Jor... Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Good Morning. I am requesting an electronic copy of a closed animal case file. That case number i... Animal Services Lori Hernandez
04/09/19 Hello, please provide any citations, notice of violations or the similar for the property commonl... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
04/09/19 I would like to request all service calls to address 3515 45th st San Diego CA 92105  date range ... Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 I would like a copy of the building plans referred to in my email of today with city staff.  See ... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
04/09/19 I am requesting the arrest logs from April 1st, through April 7th 2019, inclusive. I am reque... Police Angela Laurita
04/09/19 Any and all 911 call logs maintained by the department for any potential calls made between 1/1/2... Police Angela Laurita
04/08/19 I need the records for the calls for service from January 1, 2019- March 31, 2019 to MOtel 6 1546... Police Angela Laurita
04/08/19 April 08, 2019                                      **Please reference ID number 14-702884*... Public Works Angela Laurita
04/08/19 I'm seeking data for armed robberies both solved and unsolved. I would appreciate if the data was... Police Angela Laurita
04/08/19 Please send me a copy of all documents related to Case number 0500739; APN number 533-241-0500; d... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
04/08/19 Request a copy of a Humane Society report issued for a bit bull dog who attacked my husky on Dece... Animal Services Lori Hernandez
04/08/19 Any and all police reports that were written between September 7, 2018, and the present, and that... Police Angela Laurita
04/08/19 Please provide a list of all incidents the City of San Diego Lifeguard Services has responded to ... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/08/19 On behalf of my publisher, I am requesting the arrest reports for April 6, 2019 through April 8, ... Police Angela Laurita
04/08/19 Good Morning: Our office has made several requests regarding Request #19-423 and as of March 22,... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
04/08/19 Hello,   I am hoping that you would be able to supply some as-built drawings for the water line... Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
04/06/19 To whom it may concern :
Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am reques...
Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
04/06/19 Requesting the address of recently purchased home of Devin and Krista Wilson in San Diego County. Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
04/05/19 I am requesting any and all documentation (including, but not limited to, any and all notices, an... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
04/05/19 The Preserve at Torrey Highlands - EDD review memo, a public document, dated March 22, 2019, from... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
04/05/19 Please provide any and all records from the first time dog entered the Humane Society up to the c... Animal Services Lori Hernandez
04/05/19 Contractor:   CPRs: PK Mechanical Project:  Mohawk Pump Station Location: San Diego, CA Dear R... Public Works Lori Hernandez
04/05/19 I am requesting an incident history for an incident that happened atL 5640 Kearny Mesa Rd, Suite... Police Angela Laurita
04/05/19 Please provide our office a copy of any and all 911 calls/audio files and any related documents i... Police Angela Laurita
04/05/19 Request copies all records of e-mail communication and activity by Firefighter Andrew Brennen rel... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/05/19 I would like to obtain all city council minutes and resolutions, contracts, bid documents, plans,... City Clerk Tina Davis
04/05/19 I am working on a project to understand the trend in rounds of golf played and green and cart fee... Parks & Recreation Lori Hernandez
04/05/19 On behalf of my publisher, I am requesting the arrest reports for April 4, 2019 through April 5, ... Police Angela Laurita
04/05/19 Requesting a dog bite form that I filled out for an incident with my neighbors dog, this occured ... Animal Services Lori Hernandez
03/28/19 I would like to submit the following request for public records to the San Diego Fire Department:... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
04/04/19 I am requesting the Crown MUOA for review. Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
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