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10/23/17 RE; San Diego Chinese Historical Society and Museum All request for funds made by the museum for ... Arts & Culture Commission; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
10/09/17 Oct. 9, 2017Dear Sir or Madam:Pursuant to my rights under the California Public Records Act (Gove... Assistant Chief Operating Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Deputy Chief Operating Officer - Neighborhood Services; Mayor; Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
11/21/17 Hi, I was wondering if I could get documents that have a breakdown of how much the city has spent... Assistant Chief Operating Officer; Financial Management Jacqueline Palmer
03/08/17 Re:       Public Records Request Relating to: 0.4 of a mile section of roadway from 957 Heritage ... Citizens Assistance Angela Laurita
04/19/17 I am requesting all records of complaints and/or requests for tree maintenance and removal at 609... Citizens Assistance Angela Laurita
06/09/17 All records related to complaints, notices, maintenance, and repairs of the sidewalk near the fro... Citizens Assistance Angela Laurita
07/15/16 ron rivera Citizens Assistance Kristina Fraijo
07/31/17 I am making a public records request for all information (Documents, photos, emails, texts, video... Citizens Review Board; Police Lea Fields-Bernard
09/18/17 Please tell me what is the status of my complaint. You may consider this a request for public rec... Citizens Review Board Lea Fields-Bernard
08/16/17 Pursuant to the California Public Records Act, I would like records reflecting cases in which the... Citizens Review Board; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
07/21/17 I would like to know all court case numbers where a body worn camera (aka. BWC) was involved betw... Citizens Review Board; Police; Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
07/25/17 Community Review Board Members. I would like to know how many Community Board Members there are a... Citizens Review Board Lea Fields-Bernard
05/04/16 Records related to Proposition 47 (see attached). City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
04/18/16 The City Attorney's calendar for January through April 14, 2016. City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/02/16 All records related to: 10/2/14  #222299 5/25/12  #205725 10/8/10  #145083 City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
06/15/16 Records related to Gilberta Rodriguez Briones (see attached). City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
10/04/16 Copies of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City Attorney's Office, San Diego Cou... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/18/16 I would like to know how a criminal case is prosecuted through the City Attorneys Office. I would... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/02/16 Records related to settlement between the City and TMJ Farms INC. (see attached). City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
10/31/16 Records related to 7th & Market Project No. 2015-73 (see attached).  City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/30/16 The lawsuit Bill Vail's family filed against Mayor Kevin Faulconer over short-term rentals. City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
12/05/16 Complete database or comprehensive list of the hundreds of illegal dispensaries that the city att... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/01/17 Records related to the contiguous or non-continuous expansion of SDCC, Fifth Avenue Landing, LLC,... City Attorney; Mayor Lea Fields-Bernard
09/13/17 This request concerns violations of CA Penal Code 653m (harassment via electronic means). I'd lik... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
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