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11/23/16 We are performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at the following property:   4675 Tec... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/23/16  To Whom It May Concern:

This document is to serve as a Freedom of Information Act reque...
Police Dede Owens
11/23/16 Hello, We are looking at the FY 17 Adopted Budget (Page 64) and would like to know where the 1.0... Financial Management Linnie Gray
11/23/16 Hello - I'd like to request a copy of the SeaWorld October lease payment data when it becomes ava... Real Estate Assets Lorena Hernandez
11/22/16 I'm requesting the following in electronic format: Current Ground lease with Stonewood Garden Ap... Real Estate Assets Lorena Hernandez
11/22/16   I would like to request information on 911 Calls for Service, Arrests and all reported crimina... Police Dede Owens
11/22/16 Reference Project - Sewer and AC Water Group 827, K-16-1352-DBB-3-A Copy of approved October... Public Works Myrna Dayton
11/22/16 Records related to 11/13/16 shooting of Juan Carlos Fernandez (see attached). Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/22/16 Hello,   I would like to request an open records request to obtain a digital copy (if available... Planning psierra@sandiego.gov
11/22/16 1-a) Any and all applications for a Business Tax Certificate submitted by San Diego Lodging Indus... City Treasurer Doug Enger
11/22/16 I would like the document described in this e-mail from Liliana Ayala.  It's an evaluation proced... Transportation & Storm Water Julio Fuentes
11/22/16 My name is Julie and I work in the licensing department for the 9480 Mira Mesa Blvd Applebee’s.  ... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/22/16 Records regarding Lookout Lots (see attached). Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/22/16 I work in the licensing department for the 2508 Jamacha Road (El Cajon) Applebee’s.  I am trying ... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/22/16 Looking into using Next Request for our City of Cape Coral, Florida, and was wondering how your s... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/22/16 Previously provided "List of Outstanding Checks" report‏ (see example attached) reflecting ALL ou... City Comptroller Elena Perez
11/22/16 I would like to know any information on my property located at 3016 Madison Ave. in zip code 9211... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/22/16    The Claims Center, LLC is the third party claims administrator retained by San Diego Gas &... Police Dede Owens
11/22/16    The Claims Center, LLC is the third party claims administrator retained by AT&T   to resea... Police Dede Owens
11/21/16 Please provide to me the property owner of 7836 Mission Montana Pl San Diego, CA 92120 the number... Fire-Rescue Amanda Alvarado
11/21/16 Please provide the name of the awarded General Contractor, Sub-Contractors List, Estimated Start ... Public Works Al Rechany
11/21/16 A copy of the plans submitted by the owner(s) of 3520 Apollo Street, San Diego, CA  92111 to code... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/21/16 I am a consultant performing a Property Condition Assessment of 1455 2nd Ave. San Diego, CA 92101... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
11/21/16 I'm searching for information on a business in North Park area in and around 1970 called Benny's ... City Treasurer Doug Enger
11/21/16 November 21, 2016
Dear public records officer,
Pursuant to the California Public Record...
Economic Development Lea Fields-Bernard
11/21/16 Please disclose all records related to the audit about the City/s abusive hiring practices mentio... City Auditor Kyle Elser
11/19/16 Robere e habchi Lea Fields-Bernard
11/19/16 Good afternoon, id like to receive records regarding 4406 35th street, San Diego, ca 92116 I wo... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/19/16 I'm not sure if this is under City of San Diego jurisdiction, but if it is I'm requesting any bui... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
11/18/16 Hello, I am making a request for files dated back in 1988 regarding Tommie C. Dubose. This was a ... Police Dede Owens
11/18/16 I would like to request the ambulance unit and staffing hour reports and response times submitted... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/18/16 I would like to know how a criminal case is prosecuted through the City Attorneys Office. I would... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/18/16 I would like to know what types of criminal cases Deputy Ann Marie Council handles. I would like... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
11/18/16 Marriage License for:  James Bernard McLaughlin and Dorothy Ione Sullivan 1/9/1943---National City Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/18/16 Bastyr University is asking for any calls made to their addresses in calendar year 2016. Categor... Fire-Rescue Amanda Alvarado
11/18/16 Please provide me with all communications in electronic form, including copies of voicemails, ema... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/18/16 3548, Lindbergh St, SAN DIEGO, CA, 92154 | ATTN: Code Enforcement Division / City Treasurer / Co... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
11/17/16 Please send me a link (or written copy and paste) of the law or ordinance that guides the City of... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/17/16 Information for the solicitation referenced below: SOLICITATION NUMBER: 10069779-17-A  SOLICITA... Purchasing & Contracting Melina Chavez
11/17/16 2345 Bancroft Street San Diego, CA  92104 I would like to see the code violation assessment of ... Code Enforcement Ginger Rodriguez
11/17/16 Request Location: 1400 J street, San Diego, CA 92101 1- Request of Public Record and Visual of C... Transportation & Storm Water Julio Fuentes
11/17/16 Yard Matrix is formally requesting to be provided with the following lease information for all Ci... Real Estate Assets Lorena Hernandez
11/17/16 I'd like to know if I could see the responses to the RFP for the Water Department Security Upgrad... Public Works Al Rechany
11/17/16 SeaWorld San Diego Lease data monthly from January of this year to the most recent. Real Estate Assets Lorena Hernandez
11/17/16 Request for multiple departments.   EBI Consulting (EBI) is conducting a Property Condition Rep... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/17/16 I request the Reservation for Use of Park Space and Application and Permit for Park Use issued fo... Parks & Recreation Sharon Ferguson
11/17/16 Could you kindly turn over the city's "task order" presented to Kimely-Horn in request for the pr... Public Records Administration Lea Fields-Bernard
11/17/16 I would like to view the file(s) associated with Resolution No. R-291654 (Dog Beach Entry project). Public Works Sheryl Cyprian
11/16/16 Hello, I would like to request PDF and / or hard copies of the following landscape plans. Horse... Development Services Ginger Rodriguez
11/16/16 Any documents you’ve generated in preparation for development of your Resource Recovery Park as l... Environmental Services Traci Rosete