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03/19/18 The number of tickets written out for cvc 26708 (tinted windows) for 2015 16 17 and up to today's... Police Angela Laurita
03/16/18 If available, I would like a copy of the police report that was filed on August 24, 2017. Citati... Police Angela Laurita
03/16/18 Please send me a copy of all MO & MMCC applications for D1 which have been submitted since 1/... Development Services Angela Laurita
03/15/18 Record of Survey 16343 recorded as document 1999-653675 Development Services Angela Laurita
03/14/18 would like to how many times sdpd has responded to address 4253 49th street. 92115. from 11/1/201... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
03/12/18 Records related to Citation # 2051861 at the intersection of Compass Point Dr. S. and West View P... Police Angela Laurita
03/14/18 WOULD LIKE A COUNT POLICE CALLS THAT POLICE RESPONDED TO. AT 4253, 49TH ST. 92115 Police Angela Laurita
03/14/18 In the Civic Center Plaza there is a Sculpture entitled "Bow Wave" by: Malcolm Leland   I would... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
03/14/18 I am requesting traffic camera surveillance footage on February 1, 2018 at the intersection of Im... Transportation & Storm Water; Police Angela Laurita
03/14/18 Hello, I am a Certified Law Student with the Criminal Justice Clinic at the University of Califo... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
03/13/18 Hello,I am looking to request the following information, in excel format: A list of all resident... Public Utilities Angela Laurita
03/13/18 I'm looking for a domestic partnership certificate for my sister, Rebecca L. Harris and her partn... City Clerk Tina Davis
03/13/18 This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property located at the f... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
03/13/18 Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (California Government Code §§ 6250), I hereby requ... Police; Public Records Administration Angela Laurita
03/13/18 Need to request a copy of a police report made for my stolen van.  I need to know how to do this Police Angela Laurita
03/12/18 Please provide all email communications, invoices, expense record that referenced travel incurred... City Council Administration Lori Witzel
03/12/18 I would like to request the most recent SeaWorld monthly lease data on a go-forward basis Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
03/12/18 I am trying to locate a copy of the "Street Vacation Act of 1941". Is it available online? If no... City Clerk Tina Davis
03/12/18 I would like the police and procedures from the most recent manual or order pertaining to Califor... Police Angela Laurita
03/09/18 Any and all contracts, agreements, addenda, modifications, supplements, exhibits and attachments ... City Treasurer Ginger Rodriguez
03/07/18 Any/all Lifeguard documents related to requester's incident in La Jolla on January 23 and transpo... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
03/12/18 I would like the polices and procedures of your police department on the California Public Record... Police Angela Laurita
03/12/18 San Diego Police records regarding the December 4,1997 arrest and death of Jon Michael Ellis. I a... Police Angela Laurita
03/11/18 I need to obtain an urgent copy of Report #E18030005796.   Please also include the phone number t... Police Angela Laurita
03/10/18 Citygovtjobs LLC 912 N. Prospero Drive Covina, CA 91722   Dear City of San Diego,   I'd lik... Personnel Yajaira Gharst
03/10/18 To whom it may concern: As part of a research project being conducted at the Massachusetts Insti... Police Angela Laurita
03/09/18 I would like to see a copy of the public events hosted at Horton Plaza Park since September 1 201... Public Records Administration ; Park & Recreation Jacqueline Palmer
03/09/18 Request copy of incident reports for fire/rescue/paramedics calls to 4441 Betting St from March 5... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
03/09/18 Solid Waste Franchise agreement for Edco Disposal.  Also the most current commercial rates (not s... Environmental Services Angela Laurita
03/08/18  Any and all communication related to and discussion of  Municipal Code changes Boards and ... Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline Palmer
03/08/18 This serves as a Public Records Act request pursuant to California Government Code section 6250, ... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/08/18 Re: Incident on December 26, 2017, 2030 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113 All documents (including bu... Police; Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
03/08/18 Any building code violations, fire code violations/incidents, zoning violations, copies of open b... Development Services Angela Laurita
03/08/18 I am writing to request the records for Open Residential Code Violations from 13 February 2018 th... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
03/08/18 We are requesting the proposals of the successful offerors KTA, Burtech, Ortiz, and TC constructi... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
03/08/18 letter or memo by City Attorney, possibly Sharon Spivak, regarding Section 66 of city charter on ... City Attorney Nancy Shapiro
03/08/18  I am requesting past 5 years arrest history for employment purposes for the following applicant:... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
03/08/18  I am requesting past 5 years arrest history for employment purposes for the following applicant:... Police Angela Laurita
03/08/18 I'm looking for the present owner of a property. 3/2018 1531 Buckeye Court El Cajon CA 92021 No... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
03/07/18 emails of Barbara Bry and her staff and any staff member of the San Diego Unified School District... Jacqueline Palmer
03/07/18 emails for Myrtle Cole and Cindy Marten or Cole's staff and Marten's staff at San Diego Unified S... Jacqueline Palmer
03/07/18 Calendar for Myrtle Cole for January and February 2018. Thank you. Jacqueline Palmer
03/07/18 San Diego Public Library Name:  Unknown female's dog Date of Library Suspension. 12.11.17 I am... Library Angela Laurita
03/07/18 I am requesting pdf copies of the proposals submitted for the As-Needed Civil Engineering Service... Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
03/07/18 I would like to request records related to industrial wastewater discharge AND Fire Department re... Public Utilities Angela Laurita
03/07/18 Requesting the conditional use permit for Urbn Leaf Dispensary, a marijuana dispensary located at... Development Services Angela Laurita
03/06/18 Public fiscal records concerning credits, overages or refunds due to our client Delaware North Co... City Treasurer; City Comptroller Ginger Rodriguez
03/06/18 Under the California Public Records Act, I'd like to make a request for an electronic listing of ... Personnel Yajaira Gharst
03/06/18 Hello, I am requesting all documents, photos, emails, text, video, data, 911 calls and any other ... Police Angela Laurita
03/06/18 Project Name:Fire Station 14/Fire Station 19 Roof & HVAC Replacement Location:FS14: 4011 32n... Purchasing & Contracting; Public Works Jacqueline Palmer
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