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12/14/17 Hello, I am looking for EXHIBIT A of the University City's (UTC) master plan.  Planning Angela Laurita
12/13/17 Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,  Some of us neighbors in the Crown Point area of San Diego are tryi... Police Angela Laurita
12/12/17 Property owner of 3810 Riviera Dr., #5,San Diego CA Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/12/17 Need records of business license and taxes paid at 3441 Adams Ave, 3441B Adams Ave, 4685 Hawley B... City Treasurer Angela Laurita
12/12/17 Hello, Our office is representing individual Omot Alal in a criminal matter. We are looking to ... Park & Recreation Angela Laurita
12/11/17 To Whom It May Concern: Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (California Government Cod... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
12/11/17 I am seeking traffic pedestrian accident information on Midway in Pt. Loma area. Accidents from 2... Police Angela Laurita
12/11/17 I would like to request any and all records of reported fire incidents, any inspections conducted... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
11/27/17 EMG is an engineering firm currently conducting a property condition survey of the following prop... Fire-Rescue Angela Laurita
12/08/17 I would like to know how much TOT was collected in 2016 and the estimated TOT for 2017. Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
12/08/17 We are requesting the proposals of the successful offerors KTA, Burtech, Ortiz, and TC constructi... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
12/08/17 following up - request 17-3455 thanks Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/08/17 Hello--I requested the lease payment for october from Seaworld to the city of san diego on 11/28/... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/07/17 Please provide any and all copy of development agreements with Cannabis Testing Laboratories lice... Development Services Angela Laurita
12/07/17 May I have a list of restaurants/food facilities that have been cited for sanitation issues and t... Jacqueline Palmer
12/07/17 I am hoping to learn how many detached single family homes exist in San Diego County? Of that nu... City Treasurer Angela Laurita
12/07/17 Please provide information regarding any open Fire Code, Building Code and Zoning Code Violations... Code Enforcement Angela Laurita
12/07/17 Hi - I'd like to request a copy of the October Sea World lease payment when it becomes available ... Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/06/17 Hello, My name is Mike and I’m the sales development representative for Grand Welcome. We are a ... City Treasurer Angela Laurita
12/06/17 october month lease payments from SeaWorld to San Diego Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/06/17 I would like to see the October lease payment data for SeaWorld. Thank you. Real Estate Assets Angela Laurita
12/05/17 Looking for any complaints regarding noise, lights, or parking at or near Camino Ruiz Park (11489... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
12/05/17 Please send me information showing: 1. The total number of owner occupied single family dwelling... City Treasurer Angela Laurita
12/05/17 Any and all records which reveal the deployment of San Diego Police Department personnel outside ... Police Angela Laurita
12/05/17 Thank you for your response, I was interested in known who the architect of the building, floor p... Public Records Administration Jacqueline Palmer
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