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12/19/17   The office is hereby requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records o... ADA Compliance & Accessibility Ginger Rodriguez
02/22/17 Project: Chicano Park ADA Upgrades Project I.D. No.: S13003 (Parks Asset) Location: San Diego, ... Public Works ; ADA Compliance & Accessibility Jacqueline Palmer
03/06/17 Any and all reports, complaints, violations, photos, correspondences, and/or documents related to... ADA Compliance & Accessibility Thyme Curtis
01/30/17 INFO/DOCUMENTATION RE: MOONEY J/GULF N52503. TAKE OFFS/LANDINGS FROM MAY 20 - JUNE 10, 2015, APRI... Airports Angela Laurita
01/20/16 Approved and active plans/electrical contracts for airport from January 2014 to present Airports Rodney Propst
03/15/16 To Whom It May Concern:   This serves as a request for records under the Public Records Act. We... Airports Rodney Propst
08/17/16 Incident report from 29 Feb 2016 at Brown Field involving Juan E. Gonzalez and Harley Davidson mo... Airports Rodney Propst
03/21/17 I am looking to obtain the current lease for John Nichol's Field Airport near Village 13 in Chula... Real Estate Assets; Airports Angela Laurita
05/09/17 My request related to San Diego International Airport. Could you please provide me with the follo... Airports Angela Laurita
05/22/17 RE. KFLI17030015 


I am submitting a public records request for a video from ...
Airports Angela Laurita
07/11/17 Requesting copies of the proposal and award of Parking Guidance System to Indect / Sentry Control... Airports Angela Laurita
08/16/17 The City of San Diego’s June 2017 Appraisal for rental rates at Brown Field Municipal Airport; ... Airports Angela Laurita
08/22/17 Airport rental car data: Car rental revenue by brand from 2015 to present from San Diego Internat... Airports Angela Laurita
10/11/17 All documents related to funds received from the Federal Aviation Administration related to Brown... Airports Angela Laurita
01/17/18 For San Diego Airport's Request for Proposal ("RFP") for Identity Management System released 03/2... Purchasing & Contracting; Airports Angela Laurita
01/19/18 Requesting ground lease for 8110 Aero Drive.  City of San Diego as Landlord and an entity affilia... Airports Angela Laurita
02/02/18 I am requesting a copy of the ground rental lease at Brown Field that was reassigned to me when I... Airports Angela Laurita
02/21/18 I would like a copy of the bid tabulation for Self-Service Baggage Tag Rolls - RFB that was issue... Airports Angela Laurita
02/23/18 I understand the US Customs operation at Brown Field has requested property improvements that cit... Real Estate Assets; Public Records Administration ; Airports Jacqueline Palmer
05/07/18 Greetings Sir or Madam, I am seeking any public records pertaining to the scores, panel evaluati... Airports Angela Laurita
11/21/17 Hi, I was wondering if I could get documents that have a breakdown of how much the city has spent... Financial Management; Assistant Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline Palmer
10/09/17 Oct. 9, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam:

Pursuant to my rights under the California Public R...
Mayor; Public Records Administration ; Deputy Chief Operating Officer - Neighborhood Services; Chief Operating Officer; Assistant Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline Palmer
09/21/17 Park and Recreation Department
Anticipated Changes to Recreation Council Operations (Power Poi...
Deputy Chief Operating Officer - Neighborhood Services; Chief Operating Officer; Assistant Chief Operating Officer Angela Laurita
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