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I am asking for any existing reports from 2414 Front Street from January1 through the end of February 2019. I am aware of several residents that did call the station to report criminal mischief that lasted for weeks. A number of these residents posted these photos capturing two young men (teenagers)on the online Nextdoor. One of the young men happens to be the then boyfriend of my almost step daughter. There is a third person facing away from the camera in both pictures sporting a red hoodie. This most likely is the girl mentioned who lived with me in the house across from the garage half the time for a year or more despite the mothers perjured statements in court documents and false statements to Homicide Detective Dungan. What a homicide detective is doing interjecting incidents,which consist only of statements and not an actual incident - far from unbiased and far from factual and are statement taken from this mother verbatim only. This oddity should be added to any investigation related to this matter.

I asked for all of 2400 block Front Street incidents just in case these reports were under a different address..  As I have discovered some of these Dungan reports are under none existent addresses, not to be discovered by me without a lot of digging, an address like 2450 Albatross St. To no avail the incidents reported by residents at 2414 Front st. the months of January and February of 2019  are not present under wrong addresses either. Under these circumstances it is highly probable other calls from other months exist but do not appear in the system. 

Attached are the pictures of the two men in the garages and the third person in a red hoodie. So there are reports of the mayhem that was described as weeks of mayhem(vandalism and theft) in a number of accounts that included contact with police officers. Please locate these reports.Note date stamp of Jan 24, 2019 same date as a video of two men in the identical pants doing God knows what to my windows at 2440.

To recap I am asking for any existing reports from 2414 Front Street from January1 through the end of February 2019.


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