Request #20-1880

Re: Request for Mailed Notice of CEQA Actions and Hearings - Costa Verde Center
Revitalization Project (SCH No. 2016071031; Project No. 477943)

Dear Mr. Hansen, Ms. Maland, Ms. Shearer-Nguyen, and Ms. Blake:

We are writing on behalf of San Diegans for Sustain able, Economic and Equitable Development ("SD SEED") to request mailed notice of the availability of any environmental review document prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, related to the Costa Verde Center Revitalization Project (SCH No. 20160710 31; Project No. 477943) ("Project"), proposed by proposed by Regency Centers L.P, LLC), as well as a copy of the environmental review document when it is made available for public

The Project proposes to reconfigure and expand the existing Costa Verde Center to create a local, walkable hub that provides neighborhood services, retail shops, restaurants, office/research and development uses, a hotel, and community gathering spaces. The Project proposes to retain the current amount of approximately 178,000 square feet ("SF") of commercial/retail uses, add approximately 360,000 SF of research and development and 40,000 SF of commercial/office uses, and re-design at e an approximately one-acre portion of the project site as Visitor Commercial to reintroduce a hotel use to the Costa Verde Specific Plan (CVSP) area . A 200-room hotel would serve residents, visitors , and the community's research, business, and educational hub. The hotel would be up to 10
stories in height and would encompass approximately 125,000 SF. The Project site is located west of Genesee Ave between La Jolla Village Drive and Nobel Drive in the City of San Diego, California (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 345-210-12, 345-210- 13, and 345-210-14).

We also request mailed notice of any and all hearings and/or actions related to the Project. These requests are made pursuant to Public Resources Code Sections 21092.2, 21080.4, 21083.9, 21092, 21108 and 21152 and Government Code Section 65092, which require local agencies to mail such notices to any person who has filed a written request for them with the clerk of the agency's governing body.

Please send the above requested items by email and U.S. Mail to our South San Francisco Office as follows:

U.S. Mail
Sheila M. Sannadan
Adams Broadwell Joseph & Cardozo

601 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 1000 South

San Francisco, CA 94080 -7037 


Please call me at (650) 589-1660 if you have any question s. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Sheila M.Sannadan

Legal Assistant


April 27, 2020 via mail


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Ginger Rodriguez

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