Request #20-1403

Astor Hotel

23080 SF SRO housing, retail, commercial buildings

401-411 E Street

San Diego, California  92101

CBRE has been commissioned to conduct a Property Condition Assessment on the above referenced property.  Please respond to the following documentation/information requests.  Should you have any questions or should there be any fees associated with providing the requested information, please call ***IVI Project Manager***.  Thank you for your assistance.


  1. Does the Subject have any significant outstanding fire code violations within its file?                  Yes No

If “Yes”, please fax copies of same.



  1. Are there any existing or pending significant fire/life safety code requirements                            Yes No

that the Subject would not be grandfathered and therefore compliance would then be

mandatory?  If “Yes”, please briefly explain.                                                                                                   




  1. Do you have any general or specific knowledge of any physical conditions (site or                    Yes No

building) that negatively impact the Subject such as lack of sprinklers that are required
by code, inadequate alarm systems, back-up problems, etc.?  If “Yes”, please briefly explain.                        



  1. Any general comments or suggested life/safety improvements?



March 18, 2020 via email







Point of Contact

Angela Laurita

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