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CODA Consulting Group, LLC has been commissioned to conduct a Property Condition Assessment for the following facility:  Penhall Portfolio - 02 San Diego, 5775 Eastgate Drive, San Diego, CA.  Please respond to the following documentation/information requests.  Should you have any questions, or should there be any fees associated with providing the requested information, please let us know.  

This is a request for information pertaining to records of fire code compliance for the referenced facility located within your jurisdiction.   

1.  Please provide a copy of the most recent fire inspection document.

 2.  Please indicate whether there are any outstanding violations or citations.     Yes o No o

            If “Yes”, please provide a copy or copies. 

3.  Are there any existing or pending significant fire/life safety code requirements Yes o No o

enforced retroactively that the Subject Site would not be grandfathered under, and therefore

compliance would then be mandatory? If “Yes”, please briefly explain.  

4.  Do you have any general or specific knowledge of any physical conditions (site or building) that negatively impact the Subject Site, such as lack of sprinklers that are required
by code, inadequate alarm systems, back-up problems, etc.?  Yes o No o  If “Yes”, please briefly explain.

 5.  Any general comments or suggested life/safety improvements?

 Please e-mail your reply to:, via U.S. Mail to 3023 S. University Drive, Suite  220, Fort Worth, TX 76109, or via fax.  Our facsimile number is 817-500-9084.    Thank you in advance for your service and assistance.  If further information is needed, please call me at 773-351-0708.

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  Best Regards,

 Judy Nathan

CODA Consulting Group

3023 South University Drive, Suite 220

Fort Worth, TX   76109

Direct: 773-351-0708

Office: 855-849-CODA (2632)

Fax:  817-500-9084



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