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Please review our request for all video relating to the Traffic Collision that occurred on October 14, 2019 at, or about 9:48 a.m. at the intersection of Palm Avenue and Beyer Way in San Diego, CA 92154.  We represent German Caravantes and Leticia Ramirez who were both injured in this accident. Unfortunately for our clients; there is no Traffic Collision Report, and the other party refuses to acknowledge that she caused the accident which injured our clients. Consequently; her insurance company refuses to pay for necessary medical treatment for our client’s injuries.

            We have strong reason to believe that the other party is at fault. And after speaking with one of the officers who was on the scene immediately after the accident, we are that much more convinced that the other party is responsible for this collision occurring.

We were provided with an incident report number of E19100024129.  The officers at the scene of the incident were Officer Cochran, Badge #5106 and Officer Magallanes, Badge #7902.

Our clients: German Caravantes and Leticia Ramirez

Name of other driver: Veronica Morales

Date of incident: October 14, 2019 at, or about 9:48 a.m.

We are requesting: the on-board dash-cam, and any body-cam footage that officers Cochran, Badge #5106 and Magallanes, Badge #7902 took at the scene of the accident on October 14, 2019 at, or about 9:48 a.m..

The at-fault party has denied responsibility in spite of our client’s insistence that she, Veronica Morales, was at-fault. Attorney Alyshia Lord from our office spoke with Officer Cochran regarding the incident. Officer Cochran conveyed that he was confident Veronica Morales was the cause of this collision. He informed our office that Ms. Morales was very un-cooperative and belligerent at the scene of the incident. She has multiple scratches and dents on her vehicle, and she was defying Officer Cochran to identify which scratches on her vehicle were the ones from making contact with our client’s vehicle. Her demeanor was so antagonistic and unusual that the on-site officers cited her and eventually ordered her to go to the DMV to get re-examined.

It was Alyshia’s impression, after discussing the incident with Officer Cochran, that Ms. Morales may have been in multiple motor vehicle accidents, and that her vehicle revealed damage from various collisions. Officer Cochran’s explanation of events suggested that Ms. Morales understood how difficult it would have been to distinguish one scratch from another, given that her vehicle had been so badly banged up.

We are attempting to avoid filing a lawsuit solely in order to obtain documentation relating to this incident. We are relying on our understanding of testimony given by Officer Cochran that Ms. Morales is clearly at fault. However; Ms. Morales’ insurance company simply accepts her denial at face value and has opted to not investigate any further as to the potential liability of their insured. In the meantime; our clients continue to suffer and are being denied necessary medical coverage which should be covered under Ms. Morales’ policy.

If necessary please consider this a Freedom of Information Act or Calif. Public Records Act request. Please inform our office if there are any applicable fees for copying making available the requested items. I will be happy to submit a check for the amount by mail or in person if required.

We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you in advance for your understanding  and assistance in this matter.



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