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Hello, I am a prior resident at the address 2865 State Street, San Diego CA 92104. I have been in communication with David Finney who directed me to this portal. I am requesting any documentation in order to support my case that is was not a legal rental unit. His initial inspection was in early March 2019.


June 10, 2019 via web


Code Enforcement





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Ginger Rodriguez

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June 23, 2019, 4:16pm
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02c. Released – Redacted and/or Withheld

All responsive documents have been released except those that have been redacted and/or withheld pursuant to:  Government Code §6255 [public interest in non-disclosure outweighs public interest in disclosure] and [personal identifying information].

June 20, 2019, 12:58pm by Ginger Rodriguez, Public Records Administration Coordinator
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June 20, 2019, 12:55pm by Ginger Rodriguez, Public Records Administration Coordinator
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Added: Code Enforcement.
June 11, 2019, 8:23am by Angela Laurita, Public Records Administration Manager
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June 10, 2019, 4:42pm