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On a Saturday, evening at approximately 05:50 pm on 09/09/2017, I called either 911, or 531-2000, and I spoke to a dispatcher but I was then transferred to another dispatcher, possibly Fire Department, I am not certain; but the SDPD, Records Management Analyst, SDPD, Records Unit, Mr. David Wong, sent me a letter explaining that the requested records cannot be located, but he asked to contact him if I had further questions.   I contacted Mr. David Wong, and he indicated that sometimes when the calls go to SDPD, they transfer calls to Fire Department, and if that was what happened it would explain why SDPD Communications could not locate the first call I made; they did located the 2nd call for 911 on an Assault and Battery on 9/9/2017 at Office Depot, on E. Street, San Diego, CA. 92101, (Downtown).  This record of event I called the first time on 9/9/2017 is necessary to prove as an element of a crime by the Suspect's initial behavior holding my documents hostage and his behavior being hostile, at the very least, and the length of many minutes passed by which will show that the Suspect was refusing to change my credit card from debit to credit, and how he had intent mens rhea, to commit a crime.


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