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Ms. Fields-Bernard: 

Thank you very much for this information. There are a couple of final things I'd like to clarify regarding it:

#1. I don't understand the police codes used in it but it appears the call was investigated and the incident was closed within a couple of hours after being made/received on 12 May 2013. Is this correct?

#2. If this is the case, was the incident re-opened? If so, is there a separate case/file/incident number associated with it or the re-opening of it, or if an incident is re-opened, would it create a new incident number?

#3. The reason I ask is because this report on 12 May concludes I was not 5150, but for some reason it was used to justify a PERT intervention on 4 July 2013 for being 5150.

Is there a separate incident report or reports regarding a PERT/5150 interaction on that day, 4 July 2013, and/or the days leading up to 4 July (June 30-July 3)? If so, it would be so very kind of you to provide me with those as well. The PERT agent's report reads she made "several attempts to reach me" in the days leading up to the intervention of July 4th but I'd refused to answer the door.

I don't see how that's possible. Had she come during the day, I would have been at work; not at home to answer the door and refusing to answer the door aren't the same thing. Had she come in the evening on those days I was at home packing to move; when she made contact with me July 4, my car was packed with personal belongings and I was transporting them to my new home.

Thank you again for your assistance. I have one more related records request, but will file it separately. If a response to my request for additional information requires an additional request, please let me know.


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