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We are looking for insurance certificate for Portillo Concrete inc. 3527 Citrus St. Lemon Grove CA 91945  .      December of 2016  Portillo Concrete has a contract with the City of San diego to do work on University Ave. San Diego CA.   They will not give us the contract info..  SO we have no idea what contract to reference.   Portillo Concrete officers have been very difficult to deal with and my client who is a active participant in City of San Diego functions is very upset..  

     On 12/8/2016 during the Portillo Concrete Inc hit a gas line and all buisness in area had to shut down.    My client Supermercado Murphys  4580 University Ave. San Diego Ca. had to shut down business for the day..    David Villasenor/Super for Portillo gave client his card as did Jesse Lozano Field Supervisor for SDGE..   they both told my client to file claims. My client did file claim with Portillo, The City of San Diego & SDGE.   .

  we were told both in writting by Kevin Kellum of City of San Diego  that this was the General Contractors fault and the CIty/ SDGE are held harmless.   They gave us clients name and told us to file claim on the clients GL isnruance.      WE have Portillo Concrete and put in writing to request claim be sent to General Liablity carrier.  Portillo Concrete has denied to tell us who the GL carrier is..  They said to find out with city and file claim ..  As this is public record we are looking for the Liablity Certificate the city of San diego has in file for ..      The City of San Diego requires insurance certificates for all its jobs.    again this is public record and we are asking for a copy Portillo Concretes Liablity certificiate..   Please foward to me.  Todd Cady  @


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