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Dear Custodian of Records,


We are conducting a Phase 1 environmental assessment of property address located at  6785 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92114

APN: 549-210-1500

As part of this Phase 1 assessment, we are requesting that your office perform a records search for seek all identifiable remedial, permitting and enforcement violations and environmental records on the subject property.

(For the purpose of this request environmental records would include underground storage tank, above ground storage tank, “tiered” and/or other environmental permits, enforcement orders, and reporting and correspondence related to site investigation/assessment, soil sampling, monitoring, cleanup/remediation, removal actions, closures, or any records related to conditions in air, soil, surface water, groundwater, or other environmental media.)

Records from 1900-2017:

From the following Departments:
1) Building Department --- Building permits (construction, alteration, renovation, CO, etc.)
2) Fire Department---HAZMAT/UST Records / hazardous materials inventories and underground storage

3) Public Works Dept. or Health Dept. and Environmental Department-industrial Waste  records like site remediation, permits, violations, complaints, spills, releases, clean-ups, community right to know information, underground storage tanks, radon, pesticides, asbestos, and other hazardous material generation, treatment, storage and/or disposal.


Please Respond Asap, Thank you very much.

For further info please contact:

Ms. Saleha Fahsal, M.S., CS.

Environmental Research Scientist

Smith-Emery GeoServices

791 East Washington  Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone 312-731-2403

Cell Phone 312-731-2403

Fax 213-741-8621



May 24, 2017 via web


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