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To whom it may concern,

Under the California Public Records Act, I am requesting an xls or csv file showing all arrests and citations made at the Polinsky Children’s Center at 9400 Ruffin Ct, San Diego, CA, from 12/31/2014 through 01/01/2017. The columns I would like included in the spreadsheet are:

• CAD number
Report number
Arrest type (arrest or citation)
Charge code
Charge description
A unique identifier for the individual arrested
Age of the individual arrested
Race of the individual arrested
Sex of the individual arrested
• Disposition (i.e. cited and released, booked into juvenile hall, etc.)
Any and all other information tracked in the arrests database

To accompany the arrests spreadsheet, I am also requesting a data key that includes definitions for all columns and any acronyms used in the spreadsheet. 

Thank you for your continued attention to this matter, and please let me know if anything about the request is unclear.



April 27, 2017 via web







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Lea Fields-Bernard

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