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This is a followup request related to #16-1696.  I do not believe the response to that request was complete.  The response indicated the "Planning Department" did not have responsive documents.  But I asked if the City had such documents.  I may have checked the Planning Department in the drop-down menu request, but I did not mean to limit your search to that department.  So I have reposted my request and ask that you please respond on behalf of the City, not just the Planning Department.  I've copied the request below.  Thank you! 

On 8/11/89, the the City mailed a "Notice of Intention to Determine Status" to over 5000 property owners (see County Recorder Instrument #89-430386).  That recorded notice cites Section 102.0805 of Ordinance #O-17319, which outlines a process for administrative hearings associated with parcels subject to merger.  The notice includes the following statement: "A request for hearing MUST BE RECEIVED by The City of San Diego no later than September 11, 1989."  I would like records associated with property-owner initiated hearings that occurred under those procedures.  Specifically, I would like public records documenting the property owners who requested a hearing by September 11, 1989, when the hearing was scheduled, took place, and closed, and the outcome of each hearing. Thank you! 


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